Downdraft hoods, installed in a work plan at a suitable distance from the cooktop, allow you to have more space in the kitchen and give to the environment sobriety and elegance: the downdraft hoods open itself when it is necessary suck it up and close, disappearing in the work plan, when they are turned off.

Fasar Elettronica offers the FE1007 electronic control system for the management of this sophisticated type of aspiration systems: a user interface, comprising 6 backlighted capacitive keys and a seven-segment display, allows you to manage with a simple touch of your fingers all functionality of the extractor hood, including commands for opening and closing the hood.

High performance and maximum safety in the management of the mechanism of handling, ease of use and aesthetic impact thanks to touch controls: the FE1007 control system is the ideal solution for combining style and efficiency.

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 Electronic control system for downdraft hoods with capacitive keyboard


6 keys capacitive keyboard for downdraft hoods



Technical characteristics of the control group

  • Single phase power supply 220-240Vac-50/60Hz.

  • 6 keys capacitive keyboard.

  • Control of a vacuum motor common wire 4 speed.

  • Control of lights with 12V 13W Led constant voltage (max 1,08A).

  • Control of a 24V gearmotor to manage the movement of the hood, for overload protection threshold set to 4A.

  • Maximum power absorbed by the vacuum motor: 400W.

  • Management of the Downdraft hood with 3 stroke end microswitches: microswitch high, low and safety.

  • Management of the remote control with 4 buttons to activate features of the hood. Note: the remote control is not supplied with the assembly

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