Intended to the professional and industrial aspiration field, the built-in controllers made by Fasar Elettronica are versatile and efficient microprocessor systems, which allow you to manage single-phase induction motors. They guarantee the regular exchange of air in all the enclosed areas where vapors, odors, fumes and dust are concentrated, ensuring comfort and safety in every situation.

Extremely reliable, since they are designed according to stringent quality standards, the proposed devices are able to meet various demands, thanks to the different types of user interface available, the ability to manage optional inputs and outputs and the opportunity to combine them with a polycarbonate panel.

For those special applications that need to change the air flow with extreme rapidity and without the intervention of an operator, such as in the case of oven hoods, it is available a specific family of built-in electronic systems specially designed to automatically change the speed of the suction motor in function of the operating conditions, with obvious advantages in terms of effectiveness and energy saving.