controllers for domestic suction hoods


We offer a highly customizable electronic control system for domestic hoods, designed to meet the needs of a clientele that is attentive to both efficiency and performance, ergonomics and design.


In accordance with Directive 66/2014 on stand-by low power consumption, our domestic suction controller allows you to manage optimally all the features of a domestic kitchen hood. Simple to control, through different types of interfaces with mechanical or capacitive keys. The proposed systems alert you when cleaning or filter replacement is required to ensure a healthy, safe and comfortable kitchen environment.


Electronic controller for domestic hoods (standard configuration)

The proposed controller is an extremely practical, functional and economical solution for managing and controlling a domestic hood.

The power board, housed inside a plastic box, can be combined with two types of keyboard:

  • p/n FE1034: power board + control panel with 6 mechanical keys + 4 red LEDs

  • p/n FE1035: power board + control panel with 8 mechanical keys + 2 digits with seven red segments


Low consumption controllers for domestic hoods


Domestic hood control via inverter

In addition to the phase-angle control, we propose the control of a domestic hood with the inverter technology. Significant advantages: a wide dynamic adjustment, less stress on the motor due to the slow start and stop and low consumption allowing you to save money. A demonstration in the following video:



An interesting application of our inverter in a domestic hood.


Technical features

domestic hoods features