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Controllers for the professional refrigeration controller for retarder-prover cabinetsElectronic control board for drying and seasoning cabinetsElectronic controller for refrigerators, chillers and refrigerated display casesRemote monitoring and remote control: Internet of Things

Controllers for the professional refrigeration controller for retarder-prover cabinetsElectronic control board for drying and seasoning cabinetsElectronic controller for refrigerators, chillers and refrigerated display casesRemote monitoring and remote control: Internet of Things


Food, or chemical-biological products storage (blood or plasma, medicines...) is a fundamental process in modern industry, with the primary purpose to preserve the characteristics of products, preventing accidental changes. All the hospitals, the medical or chemical laboratories, the Ho.Re.Ca industry (Hotellerie, Restaurant, Café) and the GDO (Great Organized Distribution) have an obligation to hold the specific conservation equipment that keeps the substances that guard unchanged: think of the blood conservation for transfusions, the conservation of human organs, or special medicines. There are also many applications in the food industry: from the display cases for wine or sweets to professional refrigerators and chillers, up to the cabinets for food maturing or drying.

We do care about all this, applying our experience in this field, providing the customer a wide range of programmable and universal electronic controllers which are used in all machines where it is required precise control of temperature and humidity, together with the possibility to manage, through advanced user interface, the different parameters that characterize and specialize the particular application.



Controller for retarder-prover cabinets

Controllore elettronico per armadi di asciugatura e stagionaturaControlled fermentation is used for bread, pizza and pastries dough through the proper management of temperature, humidity and time. In fact, the retarder proving blocks or slows down the fermentative activity of the yeast, maintains the dough in the required state for some hours, and finally automatically begins the phase of fermentation at the time established though the program.

Our controller for retarder-prover cabinets FE1030 is therefore essential in artisan and industrial workshops where leavened products are produced (pastry shops, bakeries, pizzerias), as it allows:

  • the elimination or reduction of night work;
  • the reduction of labor and general costs;
  • less use of additives and yeast;
  • a better quality of the product as long leavening process gives the bread more flavor and extend its life;
  • a more streamlined and efficient production process;
  • a minor impact of external climatic effects on the product.

In general, a better quality product and labor markets. Also manual programs for proving and cooling functions are provided.

The proposed kit for the application of retarder control consists of:

  • a baseboard;
  • a user interface board including an alphanumeric LCD display 2x24;
  • a NTC temperature probe with cabling;
  • a humidity probe with cabling;
  • wiring for the connection between the main board and user interface board.



Electronic control board for drying and maturing cabinets

Electronic control board for drying and seasoning cabinetsThe RAL073_AA electronic controller handles the functions of professional cabinets used for drying and maturing meats and cheeses.

Possible applications:

  • Refrigerated warehouses
  • Distribution centres
  • Restaurants, hotels, farmhouses
  • Slaughterhouses, butcher shops, delicatessen
  • Gastronomy
  • Cheese factories
  • Pasta factories
  • Wineries and greenhouses

The RAL073_AA is compact and functional, since it integrates in a single electronic board the actuators and the user interface, characterized by simple and intuitive commands and a customer friendly display system.

The management software includes the performance of draining, drying and maturing phases: thanks to the rich menu that allows the setting of the main operating parameters, the user is able to customize each step and adapt the functioning of the controller on his specific needs.

The device also implements a self-diagnostic system that can detect and communicate to the user, through appropriate alarm signals, possible HACCP events (Hazard-Analysis and Critical Control Points), failure of a probe or the open door system.



Electronic controller for refrigerators, chillers and refrigerated display cases

Electronic controller for refrigerators, chillers and refrigerated display casesWe propose two models of controllers for refrigeration; the versatility of their functions makes them optimal for the control of:

  • Professional blast chillers
  • Professional refrigerators
  • Refrigerated counters, display cases and showcases, buffet tables
  • Blood banks, preservation of blood products and plasma
  • Refrigerators and display cases for special medicines or heat-sensitive biological materials
  • Wine cabinets and display cases
  • Refrigerated cabinets

Our systems easily find use in the food industry (bakery, food and wine, supermarkets, hotels, catering and cold chain...) as well as in the medical and scientific sector (medical facilities, pharmacies, clinics, scientific or galenic laboratories).



GR_ABB Model

GR_ABB ModelThe GR_ABB electronic control system is made up of a power board, cabled on a plastic box, which interfaces itself with a commands board consisting of 6 capacitive backlighted keys and three seven segment display.

The setting menu, protected by password, allows the user to customize a wide range of parameters. The firmware supplied implements all the advanced functions needed in a professional blast chiller, including the control of chilling and freezing cycles (on temperature or time), to defrost cycle (on resistance, hot gas or ventilation) both in manual and automatic mode, the performing of appropriate tests to evaluate the correct insertion of the core probe into the product.



FE1028 Model

FE1028 ModelIt is an extremely versatile hardware platform provided with three analog inputs for sensors handling, relay outputs to control up to 8 loads, Real Time Clock with battery backup for the management of the internal clock.

The system can be customized by the addition of optional components such as, for example, a RS-485 serial communication port or an external non-volatile memory for the saving of parameters and work programs. The FE1028 is characterized by a lower power consumption compared to the GR_ABB controller since it provides a very efficient switching power supply, from 100V to 230V without making changes.

The power board can also be interfaced with different types of keyboards, mechanical and capacitive, and with display devices and more advanced controls using alphanumeric displays, graphics or touch screen.



Remote monitoring and remote control: Internet of Things

Remote monitoring and remote control: Internet of ThingsAWe have really thought of everything... what if because of a nocturnal failure, a black out or a human error (such as a non-completely closed door) the system stops working as it should?

That’s why we foresaw the possibility to connect your device to the network via the "Internet of Things", the set of technologies that equip the objects of their own intelligence, realizing communication channels with others devices using ethernet or Wifi connections. In this way you can easily set the parameters, the switching on and off, be notified about alarms, set passwords... all remotely from any PC, tablet or smartphone.

And if there’s something we have not thought about... it does not mean that we can not do it!

Design and production, entirely Made in Italy and within the company, represent that something extra that comes from being able to customize the product according to specific customer needs.

We have the raw material... but your idea becomes our finished product.





Electronic controller for refrigerators, chillers and refrigerated display cases