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Our electronic control systems for professional ovens have been developed for reliable and high performance equipments.

Intended to be used in the food production (ovens for pizzerias, bakeries, pastry shops) and in the industry (ovens for pottery cooking), they offer wide versatility and possibilities for customization, both at hardware and firmware level, so as to satisfy every need.

The central control unit lies in the main board, that hosts a latest generation microprocessor allowing the monitoring of the J type thermocouples for the temperature control in the cooking chamber and in the steam cooker, the activation of the relay outputs for loads management, the exploitation of the real time clock for the definition of a time base of high precision.

The system consists of two main modules: the main board, including also the module for the handling of thermocouples, and the user interface board with key for manual setting, LED, LED bars, display and buzzer for acoustic signals for alarms or warnings.


Our controllers are currently available in two distinct versions, ready to use:

  • p/n FEGR043: electronic control system for pizzeria ovens;

  • p/n FEGR044: electronic control system for bakery ovens.


As always, personalization is our strength: what application do you need?


Electronic control for professional and industrial ovens

Our oven board with aluminum panel; alternatively, you can match a TFT touch interface (FE1029) to be developed according to customer requirements. To the right a bakery oven of the company AB Borås Ugntjänst to which we supply the electronics.



Electronic control for professional and industrial ovens