The problem of environmental sanitization involves many applications, from the air treatment plants in the cold rooms and in the aging cabins, to the systems for the bacteriological purity control of the water. To ensure the air, water and food disinfection in all situations in which molds, viruses and microorganisms harmful to health proliferate, it is essential to use UVGI system (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation).

This sterilization method exploits the UV-C band of ultraviolet radiation and, in particular, the 253,7 nm long-wave radiation, which has the capacity to modify DNA and RNA of the microorganism making them inoffensive in order to prevent reproduction.

Fasar Elettronica has developed specific hardware platforms (ballast power supply) to control the UV-C lamps with the aim to meet a variety of customer needs: diversified depending on the power, the number and the type of controlled lamps, the proposed solutions are also distinguished from the control technology adopted, for the functions implemented and the different options available on request. The specific skills in electronics, together with the know-how acquired in the field of sanitation of environments, allow Fasar Elettronica to customize existing platforms or to develop new solutions according to different targets.

Designed to effectively sanitize all environments in which there is an increased risk linked to biological contamination, our UVGI systems are recommended not only for the use in healthcare facilities, in public places and in areas designated for food service, but also for the various applications concerning the preservation of food and the purification of waters.