Fasar Elettronica offers a simple, versatile and efficient system, to manage a maximum of three 1W UV-C lamps. The electronic card, provided inside a handy plastic box and possibly equipped with lamps, must be powered at 24 Vac so it's necessary to use an external transformer (not provided).

The ballast power supply, designed to control UV-C lamps with 2 pins, realizes the control exploiting a circuit with self oscillating bipolar transistors and a suitable voltage elevator.

An optional 0-5 Vdc input is provided, to be used as a command of ON / OFF to turn on and turn off the power supply. The proposed system has found use in applications involving disinfection and water purification.

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inverter monofase per l'aspirazione industriale


System to control a 1W UV-C LAMP: the ballast power supply can be supplied pre-assembled in a handy plastic case. Optional input 0-5 Vdc can be used as ON / OFF to turn on and turn off the power supply itself. There are additional versions of the system to control up to a maximum of 3 UV-C lamps.


Technical specifications

  • Voltage supply: 24 Vac - 50Hz;

  • Operating temperature: from 0 to 40°C;

  • Output power: 1W @ 25°C;

  • Connections: Faston 90° 6,3 x 0,8mm;

  • Card dimensions: 68 x 69 mm, max height = 27,5mm;

  • External wiring not included.