Simple and intuitive control for all types of motors

The inverters are available as individual components, or previously programmed (according to agreed specifications) installed in control panels with a potentiometer to regulate the motor speed. This highly requested possibility simplifies the installation and use of the product.

The proposed AC frequency converters are compact, robust, simple to use and easy to install, equipped with an internal category C1 EMC filter.

Available with IP20 and IP66 protection ratings from 1.5kW to 5.5kW, 3 sizes.

Intuitive and precise control via keyboard and 7-segment LED display, just turn it on and the drive immediately provides energy savings.

In just a few minutes, with a basic configuration of 14 parameters, suitable for most applications, precise engine control is achieved and start-up times are reduced to a minimum.

It is possible to choose an application macro for the type of use between Fan Control, Industrial Control and Pump Control.

The Fan Control mode allows you to achieve ideal and perfectly modulated air treatment in HVAC systems. Some typical applications: fume extraction in industrial kitchens, air treatment units, industrial fans, air curtains, fans for air circulation.

Industrial Control mode optimizes the inverter for operation in a typical industrial application such as conveyor belts, treadmills, mixers.

The Pump Control mode allows you to control the pumps easily and optimize energy efficiency. Some typical applications: metering pumps, drilling pumps, for swimming pools, for fountains, for spa centres.

  • Compact and robust for panel mounting
  • Power wiring at the top
  • Motor connection from below
  • Operation up to 50°C
  • DIN rail mounting or via fixing holes

FE1067: Inverter 380-480V, 0.75kW, 2.2A – ODE-3-140022-3F12

FE1059: Inverter 380-480V, 1.5kW, 4.1A – ODE-3-140041-3F12

FE1060: Inverter 380-480V, 2.2kW, 5.8A – ODE-3-240058-3F42

FE1061: Inverter 380-480V, 4.0kW, 9.5A – ODE-3-240095-3F42

FE1062: Inverter 380-480V, 5.5kW, 14.0A – ODE-3-340140-3F42

FE1068: Inverter 380-480V, 7.5kW, 18.0A – ODE-3-340180-3F42

  • Casing resistant to UV, grease, oil and acids. It can resist up to -20°C
  • Mounting outdoors or on board the machine
  • Protection against dust and dirt
  • Suitable for environments with washing cycles
  • Potentiometer for speed control
  • Forward / reverse / stop selector
  • Power disconnector

FE1069: Inverter 380-480V, 0.75kW, 2.2A – ODE-3-140022-3F1B

FE1063: Inverter 380-480V, 1.5kW, 4.1A – ODE-3-140041-3F1B

FE1064: Inverter 380-480V, 2.2kW, 5.8A – ODE-3-240058-3F4B

FE1065: Inverter 380-480V, 4.0kW, 9.5A – ODE-3-240095-3F4B

FE1066: Inverter 380-480V, 5.5kW, 14.0A – ODE-3-340140-3F4B

FE1070: Inverter 380-480V, 7.5kW, 18.0A – ODE-3-340180-3F4B

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