FEGR030 is a sophisticated control system for domestic hoods which associates, to the power board, a user interface with capacitive controls, consisting of 6 backlight keys and a 7-segment display, for the management of the suction motor and hood lights. To facilitate the integration of the entire kit inside the suction hood, power board and user interface are both assembled in a special plastic container.

With a few simple steps, the electronic system FEGR030 allows control of the suction motor and the lighting system, the access to delayed shut-off function of the hood and the reset of the alarm that signals filter saturation.

FEGR030 provides to equip the kitchen of technology and elegance, maintaining the highest levels of suction hood usability.

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Electronic control system for hoods with capacitive keyboard


Technical characteristics of the power board

  • The power board drives a motor 4-speed common wire.

  • Single phase power supply 220-240VAC - 50/60Hz.

  • Maximum power absorbed by the Motor: 400W.

  • Maximum power absorbed by the Lights: 400W.

  • Motor control through relay 7A max. (resistive load).

  • Control the lights through relay 7A max. (resistive load).

  • There are no fuses on the input of the power supply of the board.

  • 10-pin flat link protected with PVC flexible sheath power board and keyboard user interface.

  • Wiring for motor connector 9-pin type MATE-N-LOK TYCO or equivalent, wiring for lights finished with ferrules. NOTE: The network cable is not included because the group takes the voltage from the motor. If the unit is connected to a motor that does not provide the voltage, it is necessary to add to the group a network cable to power the board. On request we can provide the wiring connections and custom lengths.



tastiera controllore per cappe aspiranti



Functional and technical specifications of the keyboard user interface

  • 6 keys keyboard with touch + 6 LEDs (No. 1 red and No. 5 blue) + 1 digit 7-segment display with blue Dot Point.

  • The keyboard is provided inside the plastic box to be fixed on glass or plexiglass with relative calibration of various thicknesses.

  • An electronic microcontroller control system.

  • In standby mode, the display and the LEDs are off.

  • Speed is reported on the display DGT: speed 1 with the symbol "1", 2 speed with the symbol "2", 3 speed with the symbol "3" The fast speed with the "P" flashing symbol with a period of about 1 second.

  • Key lock function.

  • Store hours of operation of the hood.

  • Management of the filter and reset the alarm: Filters have a service life of approximately 100 hours of motor operation, past which led DL2 flashes until the reset is done by pressing the dedicated SW5.

  • Managing the TIMER function: if this function is activated, the motor stops automatically after 15 minutes.

  • The timer function and fast speed are mutually exclusive.

  • In the event of a momentary power failure, the hood back on stand-by, is not restored the previous operation.

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