embedded system with linux os starter kit for embedded systems with linux on board ORION Display board with linux embedded system

embedded system with linux os starter kit for embedded systems with linux on board ORION Display board with linux embedded system



We offer an innovative, high-performance family of products for the embedded environment, which includes complete systems and single devices to satisfy every possible need of the market. Destined both to companies that wish to equip their applications to a display system and advanced control, either to developers who seek high-performance systems to be integrated into projects with high added value, our embedded devices allow to handle with extreme simplicity and effectiveness all processes that require graphics processing, networking, connectivity and management of mass storage.

Thanks to the presence of Embedded Linux Operating System (alternatively Android), users can enjoy all the benefits of using open source systems such as transparency, reliability, quality and economy management.

Cutting-edge technology, rich documentation, free support through specialized staff: not only we develop, on customer specifications, softwares for the management of his platforms, but we also provide all the necessary tools to allow him to realize in complete autonomy his application.


ORION Starter Kit: a real electronic laboratory

ORION Starter Kit: a real electronic laboratory embedded systemsWe offer a starter kit designed to allow even novice users to develop their own application, in a fast and simple way, in the ORION platform: an advanced and "user friendly" system particularly suitable for the realization of complex user interfaces. ORION is a real electronic laboratory, which, thanks to the power of the last generation processor Atmel ARM Cortex-A5 SAMA5D34 and the Linux Embedded operating system, allows to effectively control any process that requires graphics processing, networking and management of mass storage.

Refers not only to professionals, but also to students and fans of computer and electronic science , ORION opens new horizons to those who wish to approach the world of programming with the certainty of having a technological vanguard tool, supported by complete and enriched documentation by application notes periodically updated, that registered users can download for free from the site.

The starter kit’s packaging includes:

  • an embedded ORION board, in which are loaded the kernel and a Linux Embedded distribution together with a demonstration software (demo) specially developed to illustrate the significant potentials offered by the system;

  • 12Vdc power supply;

  • a double layer DVD that contains the VMware Virtual Machine and accompanied by the necessary documentation required to start developing an application;

  • a serial communication cable RS-232 and an USB - RS-232 adapter, to allow the user to access, with a personal computer, to the operating system loaded on the embedded board.



ORION in azione


ORION at work: Example of an application that draws a graph based on the data received on the RS485 serial port.



ORION e il modulo sensore FE1017


ORION and the FE1017 sensor module: The ideal combination for the air quality monitoring.



ORION is a system that includes three distinct modules:

  • CPU Module hardware platform hosting the AtmelSAMA5D34 processor, based on ARM architecture, as well as memory modules DDR2, NAND Flash, NOR Flash and Serial DataFlash;

  • Main Board Board that thanks to the different types of integrated peripherals (USB, ethernet, RS-485, RS-232), allows interfacing with other devices and data storage in external memory supports;

  • Display Module Module that supports a 7-inch TFT display, format 16:9,with resistive touch-screen.


Display board FE1000 with embedded OS on board

Display board with linux embedded systemThe continuous evolution of industrial and domestic equipment determines an increasing need to manage complex data in a simple way and with maximum precision. This is the reason why the average user and the companies are increasingly interested in the use of graphical interfaces that are capable of displaying images and manage and control information in a clear and intuitive way.

The FE1000 Display board embedded OS based is a very advanced platform, of great aesthetic impact and "user friendly", particularly suitable in developing complex user interfaces and able to exploit the full potential of the Atmel processor ARM Cortex-A5 SAMA5D34 of latest generation.

The high capacity of interfacing through the main devices (USB, Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, CAN BUS, WiFi modules, Bluetooth or GSM), along with the possibility to save data to external media (USB pen-drive, microSD ), it makes the system particularly versatile.

The product, rigorously Made in Italy, consists of:

  • FE1001 CPU module;

  • FE1002 main board;

  • FE1003 display module.



CPU embedded module FE1001

CPU embedded module FE1001 for embedded systemThe FE1001 CPU module consists of a hardware platform based on the Atmel SAMA5D34 ARM Cortex-A5 processor. The A5 Cortex technology with CPU frequency up to 536 MHz (830 MIPS) and with bus speed up to 166MHz, provides high computing capacity and high speed: these characteristics, combined with low consumption of typical ARM architecture, allow the use of module in many applications both in industry and in the consumer field.

On the board they are also present DDR2 memory, NandFlash and NOR for storing data and for full support to the use of the Linux environment (or, alternatively, Android), for the development of high-level applications that fully exploit the characteristics the processor.



Main board FE1002

Main board FE1002 for embedded systemThe FE1002 main board was conceived and designed to accommodate the FE1001 CPU module and its developments: the 200 pin SODIMM expansion slot on the board allows, in fact, the use of additional CPU module pin-to-pin compatible to ensure scalability of the entire system.

The high capacity of interfacing through the main devices (USB, Ethernet, RS-485, RS-232, CAN BUS, WiFi modules, Bluetooth or GSM), coupled with the ability to save data to external media (USB pen-drive, microSD ), makes the FE1002 main board an ideal solution for all applications requiring high versatility and maximum connectivity.



Display module FE1003Display module FE1003 for embedded system

Specially developed for the FE1002 main board, the FE1003 display module has a 16:9 7-inch TFT display with resistive touch screen; through PWM signal, it is possible to adjust the brightness of the backlight of the display to adapt its use to various operating conditions.




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