Speed controllers for mechanical ventilation systems


A line of phase angle electronic fan speed controllers and inverter technology controllers designed to manage fans for industrial ventilation, residential, commercial and air treatment in general:


 Regulators for industrial ventilation systems smoke extraction

Our regulators can be used in public offices, in shops and in all places of social aggregation.


Applications: simple and double aspiration centrifugal fans, centrifugal and axial fans with external rotor motors, axial flow fans, radial centrifugal fans, motors for ventilation, enclosed fans/aspirators, tangential fans, hood extractors, fans with single-phase asynchronous motors.


Manual phase angle speed regulators

Easy to install, our voltage variators with continuous manual adjustment thanks to the potentiometer, are available in versions of 4,5A, 8A, 10A. They can drive, through a phase angle electronic control system, one or two motors depending on the model, as well as an optional load.

They are equipped with two internal trimmers to independently set the minimum and maximum speed.

They are always available in stock, so no minimum orders are required; on request we can supply cable glands and wirings.


Electronic controllers for residential ventilation


Speed regulators for centrifugal fans


Inverter technology speed variator FE1018 / FE1019

FE1018 and FE1019 are two single phase frequency variators for induction motors that absorb up to 750 W (max. 3,5A) and 1500W (max 8A), respectively.

The internal microprocessor handles the required acceleration and deceleration ramps, as well as protection techniques for overloading and/or overheating of active devices.


Inverter technology speed variator: remote control via 0-10V FE1026 / FE1027

FE1026 (3,5A) and FE1027 (8A) are frequency converters designed for stand-alone installations or electrical panel.

Motor speed can be remotely adjusted trough a 0-10V signal, such as that commonly provided by a PLC, or any remote device that can provide the required analog voltage (at discrete intervals or variable with continuity).


Electronic controllers for civil ventilation


Speed controller inverter ventilation motors