Fasar Elettronica has designed a system with high efficiency, which makes use of a half bridge structure and a dedicated integrated circuit, for driving a UV-C lamp of 16 W with 4 pins. The electronic card, which can be supplied assembled in a practical plastic case and possibly already equipped with UV-C lamp, must be powered from single-phase network.

It is possible to change by the hardware the output frequency and the preheating time; protections are also implemented in case of critical conditions (open filament, lamp absence) that force a shutdown of the power supply.

A bicolor led provides information about the operating state of the power supply (green light to signal the correct functioning of the system, a red light to indicate a lamp failure). The proposed system has found use in the food sector and, in particular, in the preservation of food.

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inverter monofase per l'aspirazione industriale


System to control a UV-C lamp of 16 W: the ballast power supply can be supplied already assembled in a plastic box. A bicolour led returns information about the operating status of the device: in case of critical conditions (open filament, lamp absence) the shutdown of the power supply is forced.


Technical specifications

  • Voltage supply: 230 Vac +-20% - 50/60Hz;

  • Operating temperature: from 0 to 40°C;

  • Output power: 16W @ 25°C;

  • 5 mm bicoloured led reporting wired with cord length L=755mm;

  • Card dimensions: 76 x 54 mm, max height = 25 mm;

  • External wiring not included.